Saltwater Fish Store Las Vegas

Saltwater Fish Store Las Vegas

Saltwater Fish Store in Las Vegas

Few elements of décor are as enticing and soothing as an aquarium filled with healthy, colorful fish. If you wish to add an aquatic feature to your work or living space, you’ll want to know more about Artistic Oceans saltwater fish store in Las Vegas.

Setting up a saltwater fish tank is not the same as putting together a freshwater aquarium. For this reason, start slowly. First, you’ve got to get the water just right before adding live fish, corals, and seaweeds to the mix. If you have any questions about how to prepare your aquarium before adding fish, feel free to talk to a set-up expert at our saltwater fish store in Las Vegas.

Cleanup crew

Once you’ve cycled your tank and assured proper pH and other important factors, it’s time to start populating your aquarium. A cleanup crew is a good way to begin. Let’s suppose you are setting up a reef tank. Here’s a few sea animals to consider:

Snails and crabs

Hardier than starfish, crabs and snails make a great first addition to your reef tank. A tank with live rock and coral typically provides enough food for small snails and little crabs. Starfish are good tank cleaners, too, but they require a steadier food source than snails and small crabs.

Asterea snails make quick work of removing brown and green algae from live rock, corals, and the walls of your aquarium. Asterea snails stay small and are adept at keeping smaller tanks clean. Trochus and Nerite snails are also great little tank cleaners. Once your tank is well established, you may wish to incorporate one or more Nassarius snails to keep the sand bed free of detritus.

Red-legged and blue-legged hermit crabs are wonderful crustaceans to add to a new saltwater tank. These little scavengers don’t grow very large, but they will need to change shells once in a while. For this reason, add a few empty shells to the tank so they don’t harass the snails.

Pacific cleaner shrimp and scarlet cleaner shrimp are relentless eaters who do much to keep aquariums -and other fish- clean and parasite free. Shrimp are also adept at eating leftover fish food that would otherwise rot and make a mess of your new tank. You’ll find every sort of cleanup crew member you want at Artistic Oceans saltwater fish store in Las Vegas.

Good saltwater fish for beginners

Once your tank is established with live rock, coral, and cleaner fish, you’ll want to populate your tank with a few more interesting fish. Here are some great fish for folks who haven’t much experience with saltwater aquariums:

*Ocellaris clownfish

Peaceable and brightly colored, clownfish are among the best fish to add to a new tank. They bear a close resemblance to a Nemo character and grow to be about four inches long. Clownfish are happy to eat frozen or flaked food and may even accept a bit of meat now and then.

*Royal Gramma

Another peaceful fish that is not likely to wreak havoc on tank mates is the gramma. Grammas typically live around three to five years while providing accent and interest to your seawater aquarium.

When you’re ready to start your tank, please visit our saltwater fish store in Las Vegas.




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